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Technical Communication

Technical Communication (TechCom) is a process of delivering complex information to instruct and to inform users about technical topics. TechCom involves topics that originate from complex systems where technology, machines, and humans interact. Technical Communication is also a form of communication that instructs and informs users to assure safe, appropriate, and effective use of science and technology, intellectual property, and manufactured products and services.

Technical Communicators are professionals who practice technical communication; most have domain knowledge in specific areas. These professionals may be employed as web developers, technical writers and editors, information architects, trainers. Technical Communicators develop information to instruct and to inform. These professionals deliver TechCom to their users using various genres and multi-media. They study information design, and apply research that originates from experts. These experts work in academia and industry across a variety of professions like technical communication, applied cognitive physiology, education, human factors. Technical Communicators develop instructional materials in print and online. They instruct users through oral presentations, on-site training, and virtual training methods.

Technical Communicators apply rhetorical strategies and design documents for a specific audience, purpose, and context. They are experts in technical writing and editing, user-centered design, typeface selection, color analysis, publishing methods, usability testing. They use advanced methods in TechCom to persuade their audience to take action or to help their audience perform procedures and understand complex systems. They also produce materials to promote ideas and concepts. Although their main skills are based upon the use of digital design tools, they are skilled in project management, team collaboration, publishing methods, oral presentations, interviewing.