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Andrew Cornell, a multi-faceted talented individual: industry knowledge in design, production, support; domain knowledge and experience in electrical engineering and electronics; a degreed technical professional (BSEET). Andrew has a new emphasis - the rising profession of Technical Communication.

At the beginning of 2004, he began to pursue a MA in Technical Communication and accumulated over 42 credits toward a graduate degree in the English department within the College of A&S. TechCom compliments his domain knowledge and experience in semiconductor equipment, telecommunications, instrumentation and data acquisition.

Andrew can contribute to teams in engineering, operations, EHS, and technical publications with his unique ability to interview and collaborate with customers. He can troubleshoot complex problems and deliver solutions in the form of technical information. Andrew's professional goal is to travel and meet customers to improve his understanding of operations management and customer relationships while continuing to deliver solutions.

Andrew's experience and academic study in technical communication has made him a champion in this field of study. He has extensive experience working with customers to help them understand and interact with equipment and systems. An important highlight in Andrew's Career is working front-line support as a Product Support Engineer, supporting virtual customers in telecommunications and utilities. The experience gives Andrew valuable insight into the challenges of supporting integrated technical systems, products, software, users, small business operations. The experience aligns with his studies obtained through the university system.

This website includes information about technical communication, product support, and community outreach. It also includes a link that provides a sample description about his Interests.

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