Technical Communication

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Informative Sheet about Rhetorical Strategies

Informative Sheet on Usability with Alaska RRC

High Stress in Troubleshooting Enviro (sample)

Informative Article RoHS Compliance

Promotional Functional Newsletter Article

Collaborative Online Help for Combo Software Apps

Sample - online help disk startup instructions

TechCom Introduction Rhetorical Analysis

Semiconductors: E200 Prod Development List

Semiconductors: OEM Equipment NPD Tool List

Semiconductors: Troubleshooting Print

Semiconductors: Production Print

Semiconductors: Retrofit 3-D Assembly

Semiconductors: Retrofit 3-D Assembly

TeleCom: AD-HOC TS Aid for Field Lineman

TeleCom: AD-HOC PowerVista Software User Guide

TeleCom: AD-HOC Product Support Environment (TechCom Graduate Analysis)

Defense: Circuit Board Design

Defense: Collaborative Board Design

Defense: Legacy Information Graphic

Custom Performance Review Sheet Design (TechCom Graduate Course)

AD-HOC proposal to Reduce Cost-of-Ownership

AD-HOC SCADA Support Environment (Graduate Slide - sample of legacy pictorial design)

Sample Technical Bulletin form to describe overages - AD-HOC environment

Visual Presentation about Cause-Effect Diagrams and Cell Phones

Safety Poster for the Utility Industry

Resume 1

Resume 2

Resume 3

Documenting the Impacts WWA

Fun Teaching Sample for Group Presentation

Early memo sample about document analysis

Fun exercise from a Handout for a collaborative teaching tutorial

Visual Presentation Handout that examines an Information Product