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Product Support and Domain Knowledge

A sample of Andrew's domain knowledge includes the following competencies: 1) systems design, 2) design and interpretation of schematics, diagrams, drawings that involve electrical circuits, electronics, chemical process flows, instrumentation, pneumatics, mechanics, 3) research methods, 4) processes in design, production, support, 5) technical documentation, 6) supply chain among engineering, manufacturing, suppliers, customers, 7) technical operations, 8) supply chain systems involving large and small corporate structures.

Andrew recognized an opportunity to combine his domain knowledge and experience with his academic studies in Technical Communication. Working within a small business high-tech culture as a Product Support Engineer, Andrew solved technical problems and customer care issues.

Andrew's industry experience working in Product Support for a small business with a large install base provided him with an insight into the relationship among technical operations, support, and users (employees and customers). The front-line position provided Andrew with a view into the challenges involved with the transition in technology, user turn-over, and the challenges involved with technical operations. The experience provided a valuable insight into the following: 1) technical documentation and distribution, 2) website usability, 3) software application testing, revision control, and documentation, 3) product design and usability, 4) effects upon users and documents, 5) effects upon technical operations, 6) distributed communication and information.

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