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Domain Knowledge

Technical Communicators are considered experts in information design and publishing. They also have domain knowledge in specific areas. Domain knowledge is knowledge and experience in specific topics obtained through academic study and industry experience. Andrew's domain knowledge is the study and application of electronics and electrical engineering. His industry experience lies in the design, production, and support of custom products and OEM equipment. He has applied his domain knowledge within three industries: aircraft manufacturing, energy services, semiconductors.

Along with his academic studies in Technical Communication (TechCom), BA prep courses and MA graduate study, Andrew's domain knowledge evolved from a BSEET degree and courses in electrical engineering. He has applied his domain knowledge working in the position of electrical/electronics design engineer. Andrew has industry experience in the complete recursive-life cycle production of custom products and OEM equipment: design conception, prototyping, testing, production, and support.

An exciting highlight in Andrew's career where he combined his domain knowledge and academic studies in TechCom was working as a Product Support Engineer.