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Non-Profit Community Outreach

Technical Communicators provide a unique service to those companies who wish to participate in community outreach programs among academic, corporate, and non-profit organizations. As a technical communicator, Andrew offers skills and abilities in information design. He can effectively design and produce online and print materials to bring awareness to important issues. Through information design, technical communicators can also showcase the values and contributions of others within organizations. Through information design, the work of others can rise above the waves of information their colleagues may see every day. For example, a newsletter article about the accomplishments of employees in community outreach programs.

Information Transfer among Academic and Corporate Entities

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy practiced among universities. The strategy allows active citizenship within the local community through academically based community service. Service Learning is practiced at over 1,000 universities by over two million college students nationwide. While attending graduate programs in Technical Communication at Boise State University, Andrew obtained skills and abilities that gave him the ability to volunteer his design and publication services to groups within local and online communities.